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Milan Fashion Week presents a series of menswear collections Fall/Winter 2023 from a number of young designers and luxury fashion houses. During its implementation on 13-17 January 2023, these fashion releases bring a new look at Italian style and define the main trends this year.

According to AUGUSTMAN, Wednesday (18/1/2023), the prestigious fashion week for the menswear collection opened with the "much-awaited" Gucci show, following the departure of its creative director Alessandro Michele in November 2022. Fendi's play of silhouettes and accessories was no less mesmerizing.

There's also Marco de Vincenzo's debut menswear collection at Etro. Of the many, here are some menswear trends from the Milan Fashion Week 2023 runway.


Gucci opens Milan Fashion Week with its inaugural show following Michele's departure. This collection was designed by an in-house team and starts a new chapter for the Italian fashion house.

Models walked the runway in baggy silhouettes, jumpsuits, oversized cuts and light layering. Her palette consists of soft colors, such as gray, khaki, white, yellow, purple, and light blue.


On the runway of Prada's Fall/Winter 2023 menswear collection, its creative directors, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, presented a collection titled "Let's Talk About Clothes." The collection is a design nod to 60s fashion with a focus on plaid.

Pieces, such as suede jackets and bomber jackets, also appeared on the scene. Accessories-wise, the collection features micro bags, totes and chunky boots.

Emporio Armani

The runway for Emporio Armani's Fall/Winter 2023 menswear collection at Milan Fashion Week was inspired by the world of aviation. Titled "A Basketful of Summer," the collection has many aviation references and includes pieces, such as suits, jumpsuits, cashmere sweaters, shirts, sheer jackets, and puffer jackets. For accessories, the models are styled using Scarves, leather gloves, tote bags and backpacks.


What was the highlight at Fendi's presentation was the baguette-shaped bag. Meanwhile, the focal point of this collection is knitwear with variations of shearling jackets, knit hats, see-through jumpers, striped knit tops, as well as various types of bags that are presented as a style statement.

JW Anderson

From the looks of it, JW Anderson had one of the most eye-catching showings at the presentation of his Milan Fashion Week 2023 menswear collection. Models walked the runway with pillows in tow, wearing flip flops, long brown leather jackets, graphic print knit underwear, long dress tops soft, and boots.


For the Fall/Winter 2023 menswear collection, MSGM creative director, Massimo Giorgetti, took a different direction inspired by an imaginary fashion-forward university. The show opened with models walking in signature varsity jackets, berets, V-neck sweaters, cardigans, ties, sling bags and large backpacks.

In general, the menswear collection at this fashion week, said CNN, "is very rational, very efficient, and very product-centric." "It was more a celebration of normality than an exaltation of rigor, simplicity and purity," the publication continued.

"Simplicity, naked torso, and fine tailoring," then became three words that according to CNN represented the collection presentation at Milan Fashion Week. On the other hand, Hybeast notes, the Milan Fashion Week audience has brought energy and charisma to the event, emphasizing that comfortable silhouettes don't have to be boring.

Those attending fashion week present a unique twist on normalcy, celebrating simplicity and rationality through bursts of vibrant color, while adding a new era of formality. Creativity in pairs features classic Milanese suits teamed with flashy colors.

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