The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Is Coming Back — The Internet Is Divided Abigail ClancY OfFiCial WebSite

The periodic Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is coming back. The lingerie brand blazoned during its 2022 earnings call on Friday that it’s dogging to revamp its Angel- sect – filled product, which was formerly one of the most awaited( and watched) in the world. “ We ’re going to continue to lean into the marketing spend to invest in the business and also to support the new interpretation of our fashion show, which is to come latterly this time, ” verified the brand’s CFO, Timothy Johnson. In a statement to The Hollywood journalist, a prophet also emphasized that the brand aims to “ support our commitment to backing women’s voices and their unique perspectives. ”

The event — which formerly featured top models similar as Adriana Lima, Gisele Bündchen, and Heidi Klum was put on hiatus in November 2019 following VS’s declining deals, poor TV conditions, and difficulties girding the brand. Most specially, it was reported at the time that the company’s also CEO, Les Wexner, had close ties to Jeffrey Epstein, who was charged with coitus trafficking of minors and conspiracy to engage in coitus trafficking. In 2020, a New York Times composition indicted Edward Razek — the former principal marketing officer of L Brands, Victoria’s Secret’s parent company — of creating a “ culture of misogyny, bullying, and importunity. ”

Around the time of its hiatus, there were also rising questions around whether the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was still applicable or applicable for the current fashion climate. In 2018, Razek was asked if the show demanded an overhaul from its stunners only aesthetic and if it would ever consider featuring a more different cast, including trans or plus- size models. He famously rejected this idea, telling Vogue Runway’s Nicole Phelps, “ I do n’t suppose we should. Well, why not? Because the show is a fantasy. It’s a 42- nanosecond entertainment special. That’s what it is. ”

Around the same time, Rihanna’s lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty, proved that it was possible to have a show that was sexy and different. From its first catwalk in 2018, Savage X Fenty has cast models of all sizes as well as those who are queer, trans, nonbinary, and drag queens.

Victoria’s Secret aimed to resuscitate itself in 2021 too, when it launched its VS Collaborative crusade featuring plus- size model Paloma Elsesser, LGBTQ activist Valentina Sampaio, and US soccer star Megan Rapinoe. The new look and sense of the brand, which exfoliate its hand Angels in favor of products that reflected “ what women want, ” felt dramatically different and purposeful however maybe a bit too performative. A mama’s Day crusade, released shortly after its rebrand, went on to point a pregnant model in a silky pink mask, a deliberate move to reflect a further inclusive range of body types.

It’s unclear what the new fashion show will number, but the responses online to the advertisement were mixed. Some were quick to call the brand’s revamp, and its end to “ champion women’s voices, ” a direct Savage X Fenty ripple effect. “Ms. Fenty really made them restrategize, ” wrote one Twitter stoner. Others were more cautiously auspicious. “ I ’ll reserve my outrage until we see if they actually have come inclusive or all this is just simply performative, ” wrote another. “ Glad it’s coming back, ” wrote yet another, “ but misdoubt it'll be as glamorous. ”

Singer Lizzo, who has her own line of size- inclusive shapewear called Yitty, indeed counted in on the news before this morning. “ This is a palm for inclusivity for inclusivity’s sake, ” she wrote on Twitter. “ But if brands start doing this only because they ’ve entered counterreaction, also what happens when the ‘ trends ’ change again? Do the CEOs of these companies value true inclusivity? Or do they just value plutocrat? ” Only time and the 2023 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show — will tell.

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