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Until lately, golf wasn't exactly synonymous withstyle.However, it was synonymous with its polar contrary, calling to mind Jack Nicklaus ’ plaid pants, If anything.

But recently, a whole host of rest sports have gotten their high- fashion moments in the sun( tennis, skiing, and indeed pickleball among them). When golf began trending during the peak of the epidemic, says Bandier’s chairman, Danielle LaFleur, it was an accessible outlet “ People had further time at home, demanded out-of-door conditioning, and were seeking out fellowship and community. ”

And as plein- air epidemic pastimes replaced festivals and going out, fashion acclimated. Brands have seen more women picking up the traditionally manly- dominated sport — and their wares along with it. At the Masters last month, contrivers including Tory Burch created exclusive, sought- after merch around the event. And indeed fortification of indie-cool SSENSE presently stocks pieces from the up- and- coming London marker Manors Golf.

Fashion markers like Burch’s, athleisure titans like Lululemon, and lower lines similar as Recreational Habits and Random Golf Club have all erected up their assortments in recent times. In the process, they've avoided the “ pink it and shrink it ” approach to creating women’s sports apparel and rather offered more fashion-forward options their client could possibly sport off the course, too. Take, for illustration, Burch’s spiffy pleated dress, which the brand lately introduced in daywear-applicable black. Or Recreational Habits ’ exaggerated sweatsuit films set, which could look just as applicable at brunch as it does on the green. Still, in this new strain of golfwear, performance rudiments are n’t neglected, with humidity- wicking and four- way stretch amid all the trendy, slightly antique prints.

Sun Choe, Lululemon’s principal product officer, notes that indeed before the athletic mammoth introduced devoted golf styles, women were formerly using their pieces for that purpose. “ As we saw further of our guests gravitating towards the sport, ” she says, “ it was only natural to produce a collection that delivers everything they've come to love, anticipate, and feel from our gear, acclimatized specifically for the requirements of golfing. ”

LaFleur echoes this, saying that Bandier has seen “ tremendous growth ” when it comes to “ traditional club sports, ” like tennis, golf, and pickleball. “ To meet the demand, we ’re seeing brands develop capsule collections well as entire brands springing up to meet the requirements of the ultramodern, fashionable golfer, ” she adds. Bandier presently carries an array of golf gear from markers like Lacoste, Varley, and The Upside. “ There's a growing consumer base looking for atypical aesthetics , ” LaFleur says, which “ allows us to have a lot of fun with our brand mates. ”

Also driving( pardon the pun) the trend is the return of fix, the obsession on “ old plutocrat ” style, and the preoccupation with “ covert wealth. ”( What setting could be more “ old plutocrat ” than the links?) No wonder numerous of the aesthetics available dispose further old- academy fix than nouveau athleisure.

Career advancement may also be a factor if the old boys ’ club is still planning combinations on the fairway, an adding number of women are, in the spirit of “ if you ca n’t beat them, join them, ” heading there too. Jackie Skye Muller, the editor and creative director of Recreational Habits, indeed directed me to a study about the significance of networking through golf for women in manly- dominated fields. And if you ’re closing a deal on the course, you might as well look good doing it, too.

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