WHAT THE FROCK? Fashion addict shows off her new summer dresses – but it’s not the outfits that have got everyone racing to the commentary Abigail ClancY OfFiCial WebSite

A swish fashion addict has gone viral on social media indo787 - but it's not the trendy outfits that have got people talking.

Fashionista Caetana Botelho Afonso took to TikTok where she participated the new summer dresses she had managed to get her hands on- but rather than the wardrobe additions, social media druggies were more concerned about another thing.

In the now- viral clip, the stunner, from Lisbon, Portugal, first jumped into a gorgeous green maxi garment with a stinky flower detailing.

The bright colours of the flowy frock congratulated her complexion and golden cinches, as Caetana sounded completely obsessed with the discovery.

Once she was done posing and esteeming the summer outfit, the style sucker tried on the alternate item- yet another maxi dress.

This time, the piece of apparel came with loose air sleeves and a check print in orange and white.

On the bottom of the dress, meanwhile, were bright flowers that had a lovely discrepancy to the rest of the design.

According to the fashionista, who posts under the username@caetanaba, both particulars of the haul had been blessed .

Putatively in love with the rearmost wardrobe additions, Caetana wrote in the caption'' 2 lovely dresses.''

But whilst the garments were indeed lovely, people on social media were all talking about one thing- and it was not the clothes.

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