This summer’s biggest fashion trend for women? Men’s prizefighter films Abigail ClancY OfFiCial WebSite

The light and airy style is more comfortable in the heat than other masses similar as denim cut- offs or cycling films.

This summer, the most fashionable summerwear item seen out on the high road would generally remain hidden down. Boxer films, more frequently set up in men’s undergarments snuggeries, have been espoused by women as outerwear.

The trend has been boosted by the recent heatwave – the light and airy styles are more comfortable in hot rainfall than other short masses, like denim cut- offs or cycling films.

It also comes with low prices. Uniqlo’s woven London- banded prizefighter films,£7.90, are a popular choice, as are the pack of three organic cotton stripe prizefighters available at John Lewis for£ 26.

Celebrities including Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have been wearing them and on TikTok, baptizing vids around prizefighter films have gained nearly 45m views.

The trend can be traced back to the catwalk, with prizefighter films at the Miu Miu show worn poking out of the obis of skirts, for spring/ summer 2022. While these designs bring£ 790, shopping in the menswear department allows consumers to get the look for a bit of the price.

Lauren Sherman, a fashion pen and hairstylist, recommends the£ 22 pure cotton banded woven prizefighters in a pack of three from Marks & Spencer, because they've a button over the cover, minimising wardrobe malfunctions. “ I do wear raw knickers however, ” she adds, “ just to be on the safe side. ”

Another option is to buy prizefighter short- style films designed specifically for women. Homme Girls prizefighter films, vended in a pack of two for$ 95(£ 75), have snappily come a cult fave, while brands including Sporty & Rich and With Nothing under vend women’s prizefighters for under£ 60.

John Lewis reports that deals of prizefighter- style films from womenswear brands have grown 53 since last time.

Former Vogue hairstylist Pip Durell, who runs the fashion brand With Nothing under, sees women’s prizefighter- style films as part of the royal livery dressing that's popular at the moment.

The white films are particularly sought after in the summer because “ they produce the perfect base to an outfit. No matter your style, or where you want to wear them, they will work, ” she says.

There's also a request across genders. Speltham launched its classic genderless prizefighters,£28.50, in early 2022. They're so popular that they're vended out in the maturity of colours and sizes on the point, with deals last month 10 times the number they were in May last time.

Author Bart Hill- Reid says he got the idea from particular experience. “ Women have presumably been stealing them from their mates( since prizefighter films were introduced), ” he says. “ I ’ve lost a lot of dyads myself and that’s actually what gave me the idea to start the business. ”

The Speltham design tweaked the classic shape, to make it wearable by men as undergarments and women as films. “ We widened the leg and added a side articulation to produce a looser, comfier fit, ” says Hill- Reid. “ also we did down with the aft panel making them much more flattering. ”

The recent shift towards unisex fashion has had a part to play. “ I suppose( it) has boosted the order and given women the confidence to wear( prizefighters) out and about as well as at home, ” says Hill- Reid.

Sherman agrees, adding that wearing prizefighter films outside causes little fuss. “ They just look like featherlight banded films, ” she says. “ I do n’t suppose it crosses people’s minds that you ’re wearing undergarments. ”

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